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Questions About OfferArmy

What's the major benefit of OfferArmy?

OfferArmy's service allows you to see every piece of important data available to you in one location. Not only are you able to tie in multiple offer providers, or Affiliate Networks, into one system (like a standard API), but also compare how your stats and payouts measure up to all other users collectively.

Who is this system for?

OfferArmy is for anyone who's working with Affiliate Networks or Direct Advertisers as an offer source. If you are working with multiple networks or offer owners, you can easily manage, track, and find offers instantly.

Can I get access to new offers and networks through OfferArmy?

Initially, OfferArmy is strictly a data management software. You only have the ability to see offers that you have access to, it's just all in one place. In the future, yes, we do believe we'll offer a service that allows both Networks and Affiliates to obtain new traffic sources. Stay tuned!

How can OfferArmy increase my ROI?

OfferArmy will provide you data to select the best offer at the best payout available to you, which saves you time and makes you money more quickly! Two quick examples for you... - You're looking for a direct advertiser with a specific offer? Don't spend days, or weeks, trying to hunt down the right contact, wait for the offer to get loaded, then eventually start traffic weeks later. Use OfferArmy to scan all of your current offer sources, see who has it, so you can begin traffic immediately while you search for it direct. - You want to find certain offers with the highest payout? A quick search and filter will allow you to see the exact same offers, if you have access to it from multiple sources, with payout comparisons and collective data for each offer to see which is performing the best. You no longer have to rely on the sources word on average EPC (it's now right in front of you!)

Can my data be seen by other users?

No. OfferArmy allows you to see your realtime stats privately. All other data/information used on the site is the collective average from ALL users anonymously who have access to the same offer and source you do.

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